ConnectedHealth's  remote health monitoring solutions allow healthcare, nursing, and fitness providers to improve care, reduce costs & increase productivity

Proven and Scalable

Continua standard compliant: Security, Scalability, and Compatibility

Business model enables healthcare cost savings

Works with many healthcare measurement devices

I'm a healthcare provider. How do I better care for and manage my cardiac patients?

ConnectedHealt's secure health platform provides connectivity between medical devices, healthcare providers, and electronic medical records. Patients measurements are automatically transferred to call centers and patient records using preconfigured medical devices and gateways.

I'm a nursing home. We need to improve processes to measure our patients' health

ConnectedHealth's Nursing Manager Application (NMA) automates the capture of data from medical devices such as Glucose Meters, Weighing Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors, and Pulse Oximeters for measurements of many patients.

I'm a healthcare provider. Do you offer more efficient ways to monitor and record patient glucose readings?

ConnectedHealth's health platform records glucose readings. Measurements are automatically transferred to remote healthcare providers.

I'm a fitness provider. We need a solution that can help us differentiate ourselves from the competition.

ConnectedHealth's Fitness Monitoring Platform (FMP) automatically transfers measurements from personal fitness management devices such as activity monitors, weighing scale and activity and dietary records to remote coaches.