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Singapore’s ConnectedHealth First to Enable Complete Connected Health Solution for Diabetic Care

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Singapore's ConnectedHealth First to Enable Complete Connected Health Solution for Diabetic Care

ConnectedHealth brings together remote monitoring devices, online purchasing and secure online health records to ease management of diabetes

SINGAPORE, 29th March 2010 ConnectedHealth Pte. Ltd., based in Singapore, a provider of connected, wireless health and lifestyle solutions, announced today its eDiabetes™ platform. eDiabetes provides diabetic patients with the ability to easily manage diabetic measurements, remote record monitoring and re-ordering of diabetic supplies.

With ConnectedHealth's eDiabetes solution, patient glucose measurements are automatically uploaded to the patient's Microsoft HealthVault account via the eDiabetes gateway device that is the size of an Apple iPod. The eDiabetes server flags abnormalities which automatically triggers a call from the doctor. The patient is able to more easily monitor glucose levels and medication resulting in less medication and reduced costs to the patient for diabetic care. When patients need to order diabetic supplies, the eDiabetes gateway enables the patient to request additional supplies seamlessly. Patients are provided lowest cost supplies via ConnectedHealth's remote order system.

"The industry has been working on the components to enable wireless health and lifestyle solutions. We are excited to bring these components together to create a complete, connected eDiabetes solution," said Michael Holt, ConnectedHealth CEO. "Singapore provides us with a unique test bed to prove that this solution can be globally deployed".

A recent US study of 255 diabetic patients using wireless health monitoring devices found that patients increased the number of days between doctor appointments by 71%. Additionally, an automated system allows diabetic patients to better monitor their conditions without impacting their daily life. This allowed many patients to reduce the amount of medication required to manage diabetes making diabetic care easier and less expensive.

By early 2012, individuals will use about 15 million wireless health-monitoring devices, according to a forecast from ABI Research, which tracks mobile technology trends. The current wireless home health market is $304 million and expected to grow to $4.4 billion in 2013 according to market researcher Parks Associates.

About ConnectedHealth Pte. Ltd.
ConnectedHealth, headquartered in Singapore, is a wireless health innovator committed to developing health monitoring connectivity solutions that drive down health care costs by improving patient compliance. ConnectedHealth's eHealth Platform product is the first to provide an end-to-end connected solution for remote health management.

Through its eHealth Platform, ConnectedHealth addresses health care providers' demand for lower cost eHealth solutions that can scale by leveraging newly created standard communications standards, leveraging third party measurement devices and use of standard, third party health gateway hardware.