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ConnectedHealth Introduces Remote Nursing Manager With Secure Medical Tablet

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ConnectedHealth Introduces Remote Nursing Manager With Secure Medical Tablet


Enables Remote Caregiver Access of Patient Measurements From Nurses Using Continua Wireless Connectivity

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2013) - SXSW 2013 - ConnectedHealth, a provider of health monitoring connectivity solutions, today announced the availability of the ConnectedHealth Nursing Manager Application (NMA) and ConnectedHealth Secure Medical Tablet. Working together, the new system automates the collection of medical information for patients in a clinical setting. ConnectedHealth will be providing demos of the new system at SXSW in Austin this week.

The ConnectedHealth NMA automates the capture of data from medical devices such as glucose meters, weighing scales, blood pressure monitors, and pulse oximeters via Bluetooth® technology. The NMA supports Continuaâ„¢ compliant devices as well as proprietary devices. Running on ConnectedHealth's Android Medical Tablet, the NMA provides a robust and secure platform to ensure patient security and privacy.

According to Mike Holt, CEO for ConnectedHealth, "Health care providers using ConnectedHealth's eHealth platform already know that it improves patient outcomes and reduces health care costs. Now, with our new secure tablet-based nursing manager application, nurses can ensure patient measurements are automatically and securely transferred to hospital health care systems for access by care givers."

Using the Nursing Manager Application, clinicians/nurses can:

  • Automatically capture data from medical devices, such as glucose meters, weighing scales and blood pressure monitors within a clinical setting; and transfer the data to the ConnectedHealth eHealth Platform. Clinicians can review historical data utilizing a standalone ConnectedHealth Dashboard application, or directly through secure webpages on the ConnectedHealth eHealth Platform.
  • Register patient details and capture a patient image and biometric data.
  • Validate nurse/clinician access using two factor authentication (finger print and NFC card).
  • Utilize finger print recognition to validate patient identity prior to capturing data, or utilize integrated camera to correlate patient bar-code information.

ConnectedHealth's NMA and Secure Medical Tablet are available now. Pricing for the Secure Medical Tablet with NMA begins at $500.00, with a monthly software subscription fee.