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Urban Fitness Pte Ltd and ConnectedHealth Develop Systems for on Online Fitness Monitoring

Strategic Partnership between ConnectedHealth and UFIT - Urban Fitness Pte Ltd for Fitness Monitoring Program


Singapore - 16th Dec 2013: ConnectedHealth, a Singapore based remote health monitoring technology provider and UFIT - Urban Fitness Pte Ltd, Singapore's leading independent fitness provider offering personal fitness coaching, nutrition and physiotherapy announced an agreement to collaborate on  systems and solutions for Fitness Management, utilizing the latest fitness and lifestyle technology.

According to Juniper Research, the market for Sports and Fitness Wearable devices is slated to grow to $3bn in 2017. Devices and systems manufactured by FitBug™, Fitbit™ and Jawbone™ are rapidly gaining traction. However, these systems tend to be "silo-ed" and make sharing of information information from different sources extremely challenging.

According to Mike Holt, CEO of ConnectedHealth, "Over the past 12 months, we have seen an explosion of technology and solutions that allow an individual to capture personal health records and lifestyle information and store that information seamlessly on the cloud. ConnectedHealth's platform enables us to not only aggregate data from different devices and platforms, but to make that data available to consumers and businesses in a form that's useful and actionable. Our partnership with UFIT will give us access to their extensive domain knowledge and allow us to fine tune our technology to meet UFIT's clients' needs. We're looking forward to an exciting and productive partnership with UFIT".

According to Darren Blakeley, General Manager of UFIT, "Lifestyle management devices are not new to us. Our Coaches and Clients have access to this technology. These technologies are great to track an individual's performance, but as a business, we need a platform that allows our Coaches and Clients to share information, so we can better monitor and improve our Clients' performance.  ConnectedHealth's platform allows us to do this. By teaming up with ConnectedHealth, we have the opportunity to tap their expertise and for us to contribute to the design and overall user experience of the system. We're looking forward to working with them".

The system being developed will allow sensors used by UFIT's clients to send data , such as weight, steps taken, heart rate,  to Connected Health's RPMS (Remote Patient Monitoring System) using their mobile phones and tablets. From the RPMS, UFIT's Trainers, through a coaching dashboard, will be able to monitor their Client's fitness and adherence to training regimes and interact with their clients in real time. As part of this agreement, ConnectedHealth and Urban Fitness will continue to innovate and test out new technology offerings. 


About ConnectedHealth Pte. Ltd.

ConnectedHealth is a wireless health innovator committed to developing health monitoring connectivity solutions that drive down health care costs by improving patient compliance. ConnectedHealth's eHealth Platform product is the first to provide an end to end connected solution for remote health management.   

ConnectedHealth sells its eHealth Platform to health care providers who seek to reduce the cost of patient care by keeping patients that can be cared for remotely out of hospitals. 

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About UFIT - Urban Fitness Pte Ltd

UFIT - Urban Fitness Pte Ltd is Singapore's leading independent fitness provider offering personal fitness coaching, nutrition, physiotherapy, sports massage and MMA services at our 4500 sq.ft facility in the financial district of Singapore.  See more at: