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Synergy Medical and ConnectedHealth Announce Reduce Patient Readmission System

Los Angeles, CA  and Singapore - December 16th 2013: Synergy Medical Management Systems (, a California based Clinical Consulting group and ConnectedHealth (, a global remote health monitoring technology platform developer, headquartered in Singapore announced their intention to collaborate on building remote patient monitoring systems aimed at reducing readmission rates for recently discharged, at-risk patients with heart failure and other medical conditions.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), up to 20 percent of patients hospitalized with Heart Failure are readmitted within 30 days. "Transitional Care Interventions", which are protocols and regimes aimed at analyzing patients' length of hospital stay and reducing readmissions, are emerging. As part of the latest Obamacare initiatives, the CMS has begun lowering reimbursements to hospitals with excessive readmission rates. These policy changes underline the need for enhanced protocols and technology to not only help reduce readmission rates but to also provide better transitive care for recently discharged patients.

The objective of the collaboration is to combine Synergy's clinical expertise in length of stay analysis and transitional care protocols and ConnectedHealth's Remote Patient Monitoring Platform, to build a system that provides better patient monitoring, both clinically and at home, to ethically reduce unnecessary utilization of healthcare resources.

As part of the collaboration, both parties will be conducting trials in North America and in Singapore, working with hospitals and clinicians in those geographies.

According to Mike Holt, CEO of ConnectedHealth, "We are privileged to be working with a very distinguished team of clinicians at Synergy. Their team includes Cardiologists, Critical Care specialists and Hospital administrators who understand the operational models and system requirements within a clinical setting. By combining their skills and our technology capabilities, we are confident of building systems that meets both clinical and operational requirements, resulting in a higher level of patient care. We are also excited to bring Synergy's breadth of skills and know-how to the Asia Pacific market".

According to Dr. Lee Weiss, Managing Partner of Synergy, "We evaluated a number of potential partners to help Synergy define and build a system that meets our requirements. We were impressed with ConnectedHealth's breadth of experience and their history in developing remote patient monitoring systems. By combining our relative strengths, we are confident of building a robust, scalable and clinically relevant platform that will serve to improve patient care".



About Synergy Medical Management Systems

Synergy Medical Management Systems is a California based consultancy, specializing in developing systems to help evaluate and manage patients both in the clinical setting and remotely.

About ConnectedHealth

ConnectedHealth is a global wireless health innovator committed to developing health and lifestyle monitoring connectivity solutions and platforms.  The company is headquartered in Singapore.  The company develops platforms based on the Continua™ and Qualcomm 2Net™ platforms.