Our Technology

Does ConnectedHealth meet health regulatory requirements?

Our equipment and technology is Continua-compliant

The benefits of remote monitoring are:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Reduced hospitalization risk
  • Reduced re-admittance rates
  • Remote patient access

The ConnectedHealth platform meets regulatory requirements:

  • HIPAA-verified
  • FDA Class I MDDS Compliant

ConnectedHealth's platform addresses health care providers demand for lower cost eHealth solutions that can scale by leveraging communications standards (Continua), a variety measurement devices and low cost health gateway hardware.

Software Technology and Protocols

The core technology used in the ConnectedHealth remote health monitory platform is based on standards mandated by the Continua Health Alliance. Continua Health Alliance is an industry organization, consisting of around 300 medical technology and manufacturing technologies that mandates protocols that allow end to end transmission of medical data, from medical devices through the internet, to the Electronic Medical Record systems.