ConnectedHealth’s first chronic disease management product supports care for patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

We have chosen to focus initially on diabetes because of its growing prevalence, gaps in current healthcare systems and the potential of new approaches to drive behavioural change.

SugoSure’s design follows ConnectedHealth’s principle that outcomes improvement requires a data-driven approach, combined with new ways to engage patients.

SugoSure collects data through the Patient App, analyses and presents this to the care team through the Physician Portal and the Health Coach Portal.  Instructions and advice are transmitted back to Patients through the app, which also assists self-monitoring and behavioural change.

Combined with our integrated Health Coach support, SugoSure is a breakthrough approach to diabetes care.



  • Tool to log clinical information
  • Summary trends providing feedback of key indicators
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Integrated messaging with Health Coach and Physician


  • Displays patient clinical information
  • Electronic Medical Record capturing all care plan updates
  • Decision support for Physicians aligned to clinical best practice
  • Integrated messaging with Patient and Health Coach

Health Coach

  • Displays summary Patient information and Physician records
  • Alerts Health Coach to contact Patients when needed
  • Incorporates structured target setting and lifestyle management protocols
  • Integrated messaging with Physician and Patient



  • Patients lack motivation and understanding of the need to self-manage through lifestyle changes and monitoring
  • Many countries have limited primary care systems and insufficient GPs with the experience needed to provide high quality care for diabetes
  • Increasing disease incidence with little change in long term outcomes creates major cost pressure on payers

SugoSure approach

  • Our technology and health coach protocols are designed around patient engagement and motivation
  • Our Physician Portal and related physician support systems provide a tool to help Physicians and enable them to deliver better care
  • SugoSure’s approach prevents complications, improves health status and reduces overall cost