Case Study from the very first patient to use SugoSure

This case study describes the use of an initial version of SugoSure in our very first patient. This test case was part of a round of user trials completed in July 2018.

The main objective of the trial was to test the validity of SugoSure’s monitoring approach in practice. The system generated results which were clinically consistent with the patient’s profile, as well as revealing additional data about her daily blood glucose patterns which would not normally have been captured. This contributed towards the physician’s decision to adjust medication in response to the monitoring data.

Although SugoSure’s full health coaching functionality was not yet included in the version used for trial, the patient (and all other trial patients in the study) stated that the system was definitely helpful, mainly due to the information received through the SugoSure app. This helped her motivation to work towards weight loss and activity targets and provided guidance to her food choices.

SugoSure will undergo much further development and testing before commercialisation. However, the early feedback from our user trial has been encouragingly supportive of ConnectedHealth’s two key objectives as it transforms chronic diseases: to enable closer tracking/intervention through remote monitoring and to build unprecedented patient engagement to behavioural change stick.

Click here to view the case study.

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