SugoSure for Partners

ConnectedHealth plans to go to market with partner organisations who share our mission to improve care and clinical outcomes.

We seek partnerships with primary healthcare groups, insurance companies and large corporates who can play a major role in improving the health status of Patients through a relationship with ConnectedHealth.

Benefits to Partner organisations will include…

  • Clinical outcomes improvement (HbA1c and overall health status)
  • Cost savings, both near term and over a longer timeframe
  • A higher level service offering to diabetic patients

We will substantiate benefits through clinical and economic studies to demonstrate a significant return on investment to payers through SugoSure’s focus on Patient engagement and clinical outcomes.

We aim to structure business relationships with Partners to create benefits for all parties through the increased efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery which SugoSure brings.

As SugoSure’s installed base grows, Partners will also benefit from access to tailored data mining of ConnectedHealth’s clinical database.  In the future we will increasingly collaborate with research organisations, pharmaceutical/medical device companies and public health organisations, supporting healthcare’s trajectory towards personalised medicine with real-world evidence.

Solving the challenge of chronic diseases requires collaboration between multiple players.  Small, nimble and innovative companies like ConnectedHealth are integral to enabling this future.