SugoSure for Patients

Diabetes is a complex condition, which requires Patients to take an active role in self-management to achieve the best outcomes.  Monitoring of blood sugar levels, food intake and activity is critical to ensure the disease is kept under control.

It can be hard for patients to know what to do without support – which their Physician often does not have the time to provide.

Indeed, primary care Physicians generally do not track the progress of their diabetic patients between quarterly face-to-face consultations – leaving major gaps in care.

SugoSure assists Patients in the complex task of self-management by defining steps they need to take through reminders and alerts and a simple dashboard of indicators providing feedback, guidance and motivation.

Patients benefit from 2-weekly Physician remote reviews of their progress, allowing early detection and resolution of problems and building confidence that their condition is being managed in the best possible way.

SugoSure’s Health Coaches lead Patients through a structured lifestyle programme with targets set for weight loss and increased activity.  Health Coaches help Patients overcome barriers to change through clinical coaching protocols.  This personal contact educates and motivates patients to achieve needed behavioural changes.

SugoSure’s lifestyle management protocols have been developed in collaboration with clinical specialists from Singapore’s top hospitals and also draw on approaches developed by the American Association of Diabetes Educators, of which our Health Coaches will be International Members.

SugoSure Patient App

  • Interface to upload glucometer, weight, activity, blood pressure and food intake data
  • Real-time reminders to take blood glucose and other readings
  • Graphs and colour-coded indicators assist patient progress monitoring
  • Diary function enables a complete daily view of factors affecting blood sugar control
  • Activity and calorie meters assist weight loss and lifestyle changes
  • Messaging functions are built into the app for communication with Physician and Health Coach


A specialised diabetes chatbot providing tailored education and guidance

SugoSure Patient Journey

Ms Jane Tan
47 years old
T2DM for 7 years

Jane begins using the SugoSure app to monitor her condition

She records key clinical data 2-3 days per week

Jane is supported by in-built alerts and reminders

As well as SugoBot: an integrated chatbot designed to answer patient questions, triage problems and educate

She receives personal messages from her doctor every 2-3 weeks advising and motivating her

Ongoing digital support, as often as needed.

Problems identified early and swiftly resolved

Jane’s Physician and Health Coach are alerted to her repeated high morning BG readings.

Health Coach advises that there are no Lifestyle factors likely to cause this. After a review, her Doctor decides to change her medication. She receives a message from him and her medication reminders are automatically adjusted.

Jane has unsuccessfully battled weight loss for many years. Since starting SugoSure, she has received alerts about her calorie balance and lots of support through SugoBot but she still struggles. A lifestyle alert initiates a 10 minute intervention call where her Health Coach identifies lack of time as the main cause of her poor diet. She supports Jane as she schedules time for food preparation at home and turns this into a relaxing and destressing activity. Jane’s diet improves and after 2 follow-up calls Jane’s weight turns around then stabilizes.

The SugoSure Patient App is an all-in-one, easy to use device providing feedback, guidance and motivation. With the reassurance of regular Physician monitoring and personal Health Coach support, Patients using SugoSure can finally have confidence that they are getting the best possible care.