SugoSure for Physicians

SugoSure enables Physicians to provide better care for their patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus by…

  • Enabling closer monitoring of clinical measures
  • Helping to align their decisions to clinical best practice
  • Providing additional patient support through Health Coaches who also triage patient questions

The SugoSure Physician Portal is delivered through a tablet and is a valuable, workflow-efficient tool.

SugoSure also provides Physicians with a clear and easy-to-use Electronic Medical Record for their diabetic patients. The portal has been designed around consultation workflow and facilitates tracking of longer term disease progression.  Future plans include integration of SugoSure with 3rd party EMR and other patient record systems.

Use of SugoSure will require an online training course and accreditation by ConnectedHealth.

Support and updates to Physicians will be provided on a regular basis once the product is launched commercially

SugoSure Physician Portal

  • Displays patient information, diagnosis and complication status
  • Records care plans and target levels for clinical indicators
  • Records changes in medication
  • Displays diabetes-related lab test results with automated repeat test booking
  • Blood glucose readings and patterns are presented to facilitate diagnosis of problems and tracking of resolution
  • Stores records of all changes to care plan
  • Provides alerts to assist decision-making based on clinical best practice guidelines
  • Messaging function for communication with Patient and Health Coach


SugoSure provides a tool for Physicians to develop their professional interest in diabetes: accreditation will be a sign of the quality of care they can now provide to Patients. As the number of SugoSure Physicians grows, so will healthcare systems’ ability to manage diabetes across the population.